The London Table

The London Table is designed for small space living. More and more of us are living in compact homes. According to the Local Authority Building Control, the average living room of a newly built home in Britain is nearly a third smaller than an equivalent home built in the 1970s.

The average living room now is just 17.1 square metres (184 sq. ft), compared to almost 25 sq.m in the 1970s. Feel familiar?

The London Table helps solve the lack of space by combining 3 tables in one. It’s an elegant coffee table that transforms into a 6-seater dining table and can be used as a desk for when you need time on your laptop or a workstation if you’re working from home.

This is a unique designer table that is not mass-produced in a Swedish factory. It’s also environmentally sound and developed for small space living.

The coffee table that transforms into a dining table (or desk)

As a coffee table, it measures 80cm x 120cm and 46cm high (31″ x 46″ x 18″). It’s low-level and unobtrusive, with a hard-wearing top that wipes clean. You can easily elevate it to become a standard height dining table, comfortably sitting 4 people or 6 good friends and family.

It gets you off the sofa for your evening or weekend meals, enjoying your food and conversation – top tip; switch the TV off 🙂

Eating Christmas Dinner on the sofa while balancing your plate on a cushion can end in disaster. The London Table allows you to celebrate birthdays and special occasions in a way that is memorable for all the right reasons.

And if you are working from home, it can also be used as a desk. Or transformed further into a workstation.

The dining table that becomes a workstation

The London Table also converts easily to a 90cm high (35″) workstation or standing table. Just right for tapping on your laptop in the standing position. Great for people who work from home; reducing tiredness, increasing productivity and improving health.

Working from home is increasingly popular. During the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, the official government figures released by the Office for National Statistics showed that 49% of the UK workforce were working from home.

If you are purchasing the London Table as a desk or workstation you may be able to claim tax relief on the cost. It could be classified as Office Equipment. Speak to your Accountant or employer.

Small footprint, low impact

As an added bonus, our unique table can be easily folded away and stored. Creating more floor area for you to exercise, hold parties or just enjoy the space. It also glides across the carpet with its cylindrical feet. No heavy lifting. Making it easier to rearrange furniture or vacuum the entire carpet and floor.

The London Table is environmentally sound. We only use wood and brass. No plastics. Designed in London and made in our London workshop, we’re proud to use local suppliers and employ local talent. All our suppliers are within a 2-hour drive of our workshop which limits our carbon footprint; a sustainable and local economy.

Meet your new multi-purpose table

Every London Table is hand-crafted – and has a personality! We give each table a name and engrave it on a brass disc that is discreetly fixed under the table-top. Our first table was called Alice.

To meet your new table, just order online. There’s the usual 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. You’ll get your coffee table that transforms into a dining table within 4 – 8 weeks. Remember, each table is hand-crafted and bespoke, we don’t hold stock.