It all started in 2019. I live in a small London flat with an equally small living room. My wife’s a fantastic cook and spends a lot of time creating some great dishes. Then we end up eating it while sitting on the sofa. Not good.

Eating dinner on the sofa
Graham, Founder at Hot Tea Workshop

We didn’t have the room for a coffee table and dining table. Plus, a dining table would take up too much room and probably obscure the view of the television for our evening viewing.

After many years of balancing the dinner plate on a cushion, constantly dripping sauce over the furniture and indigestion because of our posture, we decided to do something about it.

And so the London Table was born.

We searched online for a coffee table that converted into a dining table and couldn’t find anything that was practical. I started sketching out a few ideas and had a eureka moment when I looked at our ironing board and the way the legs collapsed.

As I started building the prototype, it became clear that I wanted to build something that would last and that had low environmental impact. So no plastics, wood that was sourced from sustainable forests in England and parts that were from local suppliers.

In addition, having a table that performs three functions (coffee table, dining table and workstation) reduces the impact of consumption on the environment.

I hope you enjoy the London Table and make the most of living in a small space 🙂

All the best

Founder, Hot Tea Workshop

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